LinkedIn reports 600% surge in crypto-based job listings in the past year

Employment-oriented online service platform, LinkedIn has now reported that there is an incredibly high demand for employees with experience in crypto.

According to an October 27 report from the platform’s editor Devin Banerjee, data from the Economic Graph team of LinkedIn shows that job postings in the United States which included keywords like “crypto” and “blockchain” went 615% up from what it was in August 2020. The data also indicates that although, many jobs of those jobs came from companies who are already crypto-oriented, or blockchain-related, however, traditional financial institution JPMorgan was one of the top employers for job postings within the digital asset world.

In addition, LinkedIn team said that there’s an expectation for financial services firms to hire even more than three times as many staff who have digital assets exposure, than in 2015.

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As at July, job postings by JPMorgan included positions focusing on its efforts in global blockchain development, blockchain-focused software developers, engineers, auditors, as well as marketers. At a time, LinkedIn posted over 30 vacancies for its operations in the U.S. within a single week.

According to Roman Regelman of the Bank of New York Mellon (BNY Mellon), opportunities in digital assets are quite vast, and now, talents can be attractes in many different ways.

Meanwhile, many other major companies that are not exactly linked with crypto or finance have also posted jobs related to the crypto industry. Back in February, major online retailer Amazon announced that it was seeking a software development manager in Mexico to help with the launch of a new payment product. Also in May, Apple said it preferred someone with experience in “alternative payment providers” — including cryptocurrency — for the position of business development manager.

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