New Order Partners With Outlier Ventures to Launch Over 30 DeFi Projects

New Order Partners With Outlier Ventures to Launch Over 30 DeFi Projects
New Order Partners With Outlier Ventures to Launch Over 30 DeFi Projects

  • New Order partners with Outlier Ventures to launch over 30 new DeFi projects.
  • It aims to develop a new breed of next-gen decentralized financial applications.

A community-driven, permissionless DAO incubator, New Order, is partnering with Base Camp, the leading web3 accelerator from Outlier Ventures, to launch between 30-40 new DeFi projects in the next two years.

In the partnership, New Order will leverage its network of builders, investors, and smart contract developers to develop a new breed of next-generation decentralized financial applications that will connect both to the online and offline worlds – the metaverse.

New Order venture DAO maintains an enduring relationship with teams that are firmly aligned with the company’s thesis that DeFi will become more multi-chained, machine-intelligent, and extend to the development of new digital assets such as NFT. As a belief that funding no longer represents the primary bottleneck, the DAO bootstraps DeFi projects with an ecosystem-as-a-service that builds alongside the teams via a community of like-minded innovators.

A company called Outlier Ventures has raised more than $250 million to fund web startups. It’s working to create an open metaverse that connects online and offline worlds. In this new world (web3), everyone will be able to access data since it is constructed on transparent public blockchains.

Outlier Ventures is proud to announce its first Venture DAO, New Order. In addition to promoting DeFi as we know it, Outlier Ventures and New Order plan to explore a new concept called MetaFi. MetaFi refers to DeFi applied to Metaverse, for example, NFTs are now being used as collateral for multi-million dollar loans.

New Order says that choosing Outlier Ventures is an excellent choice for DeFi projects, as it combines open and transparent public funding and development methods with the company’s hands-on experience and proven track record supporting early-stage companies.

New Order Founder Eden Dhaliwal said,

With Outlier’s industry leading Web3 accelerator and New Order’s DeFi ecosystem, our DeFi Base Camp will launch exciting projects that will bring new DeFi products and user experiences to Web3 communities, CeFi, metaverses and more

Outlier Ventures CEO Jamie Burke explains that DeFi is something they have been working on for several years now, but it requires highly nuanced service delivery methods and ecosystem activation, both of which require their own dedicated Basecamp programs. Together, New Order and DAO have been able to build a whole new category of DeFi, MetaFi.

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