NFT-DeFi Based Momento Platform Shifts Play-to-Earn Economy

NFT-DeFi Based Momento Platform Shifts Play-to-Earn Economy
NFT-DeFi Based Momento Platform Shifts Play-to-Earn Economy

  • Momento ecosystem shifts the P2E economy.
  • Unique gaming platform allows players to use various NFTs in their game.

Momento is an NFT and DeFi ecosystem that shifts the P2E economy. Their unique gaming platform allows players to use various NFTs in their game, not only offering lucrative opportunities for players but also use-cases for NFTs that currently don’t have one.

The gaming industry has always been forward-leaning when it comes to the adoption of any new technology. Most innovations in technology easily find use cases with gaming, be it the adoption of high-speed internet, mobile-first interactive gaming, virtual reality, augmented reality, and more. It comes as no surprise that the gaming sector is one of the primary adopters of cryptocurrency too, especially since crypto mining initially became popular because of gamers who owned GPUs. Even NFTs found applications within the gaming space.

When it comes to Web 3.0, gaming is again at the frontier of it. Web 3.0 and cryptocurrencies enable business models in gaming which wasn’t conceivable before. This is possible through the acceleration of the Play-to-earn economy.

The Need for a Paradigm Shift in Gaming

The accepted paradigm in the industry has been that gamers play just to have fun, leading to an industry with players more than willing to pay to play. However, the new perspective enabled by cryptocurrency is that players can not only have fun while playing, but it can be a lucrative investment opportunity too.

Play-to-earn games like The Sandbox and Axie Infinity have become widely popular owing to their extraordinary economic system. In traditional games like The Sims, a player can buy in-game assets with an in-game currency. However, both the in-game asset and currency do not have any use in the real world. There is no infrastructure for the liquidity of these assets, but this is where blockchain technology solves this problem.

The essence of the P2E economic system is to ensure that playing a game can be profitable and that a player’s time spent playing a game is rewarded. People have an avenue to be able to make money playing games and have its value compound over time. By playing a game regularly, players can earn more items or tokens to sell and generate an income. Blockchain helps guarantee the nature of collectibility of these tokens. Through NFTs it can be ensured that these assets are non-duplicatable and scarce.

Each play-to-earn game’s mechanism can differ, but usually, the reward mechanism comes in the form of staking, farming a game’s currency, or generating tradable NFTs. Although numerous online games exist with a fiat-based auction or secondary markets, the critical difference with P2E on cryptocurrencies is through the properties of the blockchain. It creates in-game economies and business models with blockchain’s inherent properties of provable ownership, legitimacy, and rarity.

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