Ross Ulbricht’s debut NFT sold for $6.2M at auction

Ross Ulbricht’s debut NFT sold for $6.2M at auction

After announcing the launch of his \”Genesis Collection\” nonfungible token (NFT) auction, Ross Ulbricht, the alleged founder of dark web marketplace Silk Road, has sold his first NFT for $6.2 million or 1,446 Ether (ETH) at auction.

The auction kicked off at Art Basel Miami via the SuperRare platform. FreeRossDAO, the decentralized autonomous organization set up to help free Ulbricht from imprisonment, placed the winning bid. The FreeRossDAO website states that the DAO aims to “advance prison reform” and to “share Ross\’s work with the world and give everyone a unique opportunity to own a piece of it.”

Ross Ulbricht’s \”Perspective\” $6.2M drawing from the \”Ross Ulbricht Genesis Collection” of NFTs.

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